The Camp Quality Primary School Education Program


Our Primary School Education Program, The Camp Quality Puppets, has transformed thousands of schools by helping children and teachers learn how to create a supportive school community for children living with cancer through a fun, interactive and educational performance. The program is an educational puppet show for primary school children, lasting 35-45 minutes. Using energetic, animated puppets, the show helps children become more aware of the need to be caring and supportive of children who have cancer. The show helps dispel many of the concerns that exist regarding contact with children who have cancer, as well as promoting anti-bullying and optimistic behaviours. Our puppets visit more than 200 000 kids each year across the nation. Already over four million school children and teachers have learnt about the challenges of living with cancer through uplifting performances jam-packed full of laughter and optimism. We’ve developed three different shows that cater to specific age groups. We talk to kids in their own language and deal with themes relevant to that age.

  • Caring Friend- Preschool (20 mins)

This play helps preschoolers understand the importance of friendship. It includes two puppets, one who looks different after having undergone treatment for cancer and has just returned to preschool. It includes sing-alongs and lots of fun interaction and educates children on the importance of accepting everyone, no matter what they look like.

  • Inside Out- Infants (30 mins)

A vibrant show that teaches children that it doesn’t matter what you look like in the outside. It’s what’s on the inside that counts! The show has strong anti-bullying messages and teaches kids that it’s “un-cool to be cruel”!

  • The way you look @ it- Primary (40mins)

Teaching optimism through three playful characters, this show deals with choices, and making the best out of a difficult situation. It looks at friendship and explores tolerance and acceptance. A question and answer session is built into this presentation to allow the students to safely ask questions and share their concerns. We can perform up to three shows per day of a maximum of 250 students per session, depending on your venue. There is no charge to the school or parents as the program is sponsored by McDonald's, allowing us to visit schools for free. To find out more about Camp Quality visit us at Locations: Available Australia - wide. Please mention when you make your booking

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