Taskworks Excursions

25 Glenvale Crescent, Mulgrave, Victoria, Australia

Taskworks has been developed to provide children with an environment in which they can “get back to basics” talk and work with each other and use their bodies and minds in different activities.

Taskworks moto is “Compete,Solve,Create” and this is where the inspiration for the 6 Task Centres have come about, allowing children to use their different skills.

The 6 Task Centres include: The Puzzle Room, Peg Fast, Build It, Create A Scene, Stomp A Stump and the Cable Maze. Students show their organisational skills and compete with partners in Stomp A Stump and Peg Fast. They problem solve in the puzzle and building rooms. They use their spatial skills in the mazes or show their creativity in Create A Scene the costume area.

All the areas require teamwork and all children are involved in activities 100% of the time. Taskworks fits in perfectly with Resilience, You Can Do It, Bounce Back and Buddy programs.

It links in with the current Australian curriculum in many ways through Science, Inventions and Technology and Drama with “observation and communication” being the key focus throughout the entire centre. Schools book for the whole day with one school per day depending on the number of children.

Please mention SchoolExcursions.com.au when you make your booking.