Suitcase Stories

21 Butson Street, Hilton WA 6163, Australia

Creative Collaborations theatre  company is currently touring its ever popular one-woman show “Suitcase Stories”  to primary schools in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Adelaide. Suitable for years 2-7.                                                                                                                                                                                                            "The best incursion we've ever had. Bravo!"  Parkwood Primary, WA

“Suitcase Stories” is about the history of migration to Australia; it runs for 45 minutes, celebrates our country’s cultural diversity and is very, very funny! “Suitcase Stories” is written by two-time Equity Guild Award nominee Tiffany Barton and Mick Devine and comes with copious teachers' notes. In “Suitcase Stories” we meet eight different women from eight different eras. There's Eliza Delaney from Ireland, an early pioneer, Afifa the Lebanese footballing legend, Anna Petrovna the batty Russian ballet dancer, Zhou the Chinese girl with a yen for disco dancing, Dutch girl Danke, Beth Barry the Ten Pound Pom and Bardi, a blackfella with a yarn or two to tell about Dreamtime and white settlement. Then there's Vittoria, the Italian nurse with a great heaving bosomful of ice-cream and motherly love. The ever-changing cast enables us to discover the legacy of those who have gone before, to savour the flavours of those who have just arrived and to relish the fact that we’re all very lucky to be here.

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