School Time Yoga


Looking for a fun incursion for your students? Our energetic sessions receive fantastic review from students and teachers alike and will have the whole class moving, stretching, working together and relaxing. Yoga is a fantastic way to get ALL students active. School Time Yoga will introduce yoga to students in a fun and active class that will have students focused and engaged throughout the session. Classes are specially developed by a qualified yoga and school teacher and will complement each year level's unit focus or can be offered as a 'getting to know you session'. Sessions can be either themed (Dinosaurs, Under the Sea, Healthy Eating, Friendship) or an introduction to Yoga but ALL are sure to be lots of fun! School Time Yoga incursions can be a special one-off incursion or more regular classes integrated into your Health and Physical Education programs. No two classes are the same! School TIme Yoga can be easily integrated into your existing school curriculum and can be tailored to meet the desired outcomes of your school or individual year level. Classes run for 1 hour (45 min pre school) and include a combination of: ~ warm ups ~ games ~ traditional & modified yoga postures practised in non-traditional ways ~ drama stories ~ music ~ movement ~ creativity ~ basic acrobatics (Year 4+) ~ focused breathing & ~ relaxation. Call or email us for a chat to see what we can do for your school! **Primary Schools ** Our incursions will compliment any unit topic or run as a terrific supplement to your existing Phys Ed program. P - Year 4 Could choose a class that reflects their unit topic. Options include (but are definately not limited to) transport, mini beasts, at the circus, a day at the beach, life in a fish tank, friends or the zoo. Please contact us to create one based on your topic. Year 5/6 Could choose from a themed class (including but not limited to) space, friendship, Antarctica, at the circus, the beach, under the sea, recycling or a class involving lots of partnership poses to encourage trust and respect as well as basic acrobatics. All classes have a relaxation component to encourage students to focus and calm themselves down. Class sizes of 15 - 28 students are ideal although larger groups can be accommodated. All yoga mats are provided. Charges are per session. Multiple sessions in a day will receive generous discounts. Small class sizes may also be eligible for a discount. Please contact us for a quote. **Kindergartens & Child Care Centres** School Time Yoga is a fun one-off incursion or for those who prefer, programs of 4 - 6 weekly classes. School TIme Yoga Incursions will have ALL your students playing around and experimenting with yoga in a fun and exciting way through games, songs, silly dancing and movement. Classes run for 45 minutes and include a short relaxation and 'unwind' time to show young children how they can learn to control their breathing and emotions. Classes can be themed and all activities are age appropriate. Possible themes include (but are in no way limited to) transport, mini beasts, colours and rainbows, friends or the zoo. Please contact us to create one based on your topic. Class sizes of 12 - 20 students are ideal although smaller or larger groups can be accommodated. All yoga mats are provided. Charges are per session. **Secondary School** Aside from all the obvious benefits that yoga will bring to secondary school students (increased flexibility, coordination, focus etc) School TIme Yoga has fantastic sessions designed to have older students working together from the start of their session to the end. Warm ups are done in pairs, basic acrobatics and yoga postures are practised in pairs and even an opportunity for students to indulge in a peer massage!! Give secondary students a chance to reconnect with each other, build new friendships and reestablish trust and respect. **TEACHERS ONLY** What a fun Professional Development activity for your staff. Get everyone active and working together as they enjoy learning some new strategies that can be used every day in their classrooms! Call now to see how we can help you!! Please mention when you make your booking.

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