Minibeast Wildlife

Melbourne VIC, Australia

Our sessions offer students an amazing experience with live native wildlife, and as our name suggests we specialise in invertebrates which link into school curriculum very well. We cover topics such as basic structure and function, habitats, life cycles and adaptations, but we are very flexible and can cover or focus upon whatever topic you would like us to. The sessions are very hands-on and the children are able to get up-close-and-personal with all the animals, as well as touch many of them. Our kit of animals includes some of Australia's most spectacular minibeasts. Huge stick insects, giant burrowing cockroaches, rainforest snails, giant praying mantids, tarantulas, scorpions, huge centipedes, massive millipedes, beetles, rainforest crickets and more. We breed many of these animals ourselves, and it is possible to purchase some of them and housing from our website for on-going classroom learning enrichment. We offer discounts for schools who book sessions with us. Our sessions go for an hour, with a maximum of 30 children per session. Please mention when you make your booking.

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