Kosciuszko National Park


Kosciuszko National Park

At SchoolExcursions.com.au, we are dedicated to offering the best value for money in order to provide the best experiences possible. With a range of special offers and seasonal promotions, we are determined to help schools across the country open the eyes of their students to the sights and opportunities available here in Australia. However, we recognise that all students are different and therefore exploring a variety of different activities will help your school choose the trip that best suits the needs of your students. By providing information regarding cost, accommodation and the experiences available at some of Australia’s top destinations, using SchoolExcursions.com.au will help you to make the most of your next excursion. While many school trips enjoy exploring cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, there are just as many exciting activities available off the beaten track. So for those who enjoy a little adventure, heading to Kosciuszko National Park is a great chance to really get back to nature and teach students about the important role the environment plays in our lives.

Why Visit Kosciuszko National Park?

Kosciuszko National Park is nestled in the heart of New South Wales with spectacular views of the Snowy Mountains wherever you look. Your students can benefit from indulging in snow sports or skiing in winter, while the warmer summer months will thrill the outdoorsmen in your group by allowing for fishing, rock climbing and caving – plenty of diversity and enough fresh air to ensure everyone in your party gets a good night’s sleep at the end! The ability to be “at one” with nature is a valuable life lesson for young people, and Kosciuszko National Park is the ideal place to impart knowledge of the world outside the city limits.

Recommended Activity

At the heart of Kosciuszko National Park lies Mount Kosciuszko, Australia’s highest peak. While many may quail at the thought of leading a school group up a mountain, however, there really is little to fear – with an elevation of 7,310 feet, or 2,228 meters, is widely renowned to be a relatively easy climb and suitable for even novice groups. There is a main trail leading directly to the summit which measures 5.5 miles, and this trail is used by over 100,000 climbers every year in their bid to stand on top of the world (or at least on top of the continent!) Your students may also enjoy the fun fact that the mountain is home to the country’s highest toilet, located at Rawson’s Pass not far from the summit itself. Before leaving for your trip, perhaps your students would enjoy learning about the mountaineering experiences of climbers such as Edmund Hillary and Ang Dorje before putting some of their tips to good use!


There are a number of options provided by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service scattered across the park, as well as a wealth of private facilities such as the Tumbarumba Motel. However, to truly keep costs down, in summer you may wish to consider camping. With many campsites to choose from, touring large areas of the park without the worry of returning to “base” offers a flexibility that motels and huts simply cannot provide. Furthermore, many will allow for activities such as fishing and swimming in the evening, giving your students an excellent all-round experience.

School Activities

One of the best things about Kosciuszko National Park is the fact that the wide range of activities ensures there is something to cater to all age groups. For children in years 1 and 2, the Teddy Bear’s Picnic is an excellent chance to discover the plants and animals in the park whilst also learning how to respect nature in a fun and sensory aware manner. This option comes with a teacher information pack which will allow you to continue this work back in the classroom. Older students can benefit from the Kosciuszko Gameshow, a guided walk entitled Going up the Mountain and a Biodiversity survey which is especially useful for students interested in science. However, the most valuable activity on offer has to be Above the Treeline, in which a guide leads secondary students to the glacial Blue Lake and along the way explains the impact humans can have on the environment – ideal for those interested in conservation and sustainability. With so much on offer, a visit to Kosciuszko National Park could prove to be the school trip that your students will remember for the rest of their lives. Please mention School Excursions when contacting Kosciuszko National Park