Every child has the opportunity to interact with friendly, baby animals in a safe and fun environment. No need to leave the school. Everything is supplied, and we leave your school mess-free. Sessions: 1 hour long and caters for up to 30 students. We can run up to 5 sessions in a day, to fit around your break times. We can provide 3 sessions simultaneously by setting up 3 displays, and cater for the whole school. Learning outcomes: Links to Paddock to Plate, Growing and Changing, and Living Things units. Content can be adjusted to suit your needs. Pre and post visit resources are provided.

A typical visit includes the following activities:
  • Introduction to farm animals as students hand feed the animals. Students learn the name of the parent and child of each species.
  • Bottle-feeding our baby calf and baby lambs and goats. Watch the lambs wiggle their tails in joy.
  • Questions and answers about the smaller animals, as the students sit to hold baby chicks, rabbits and ducks. Students learn why rabbits have long ears, and ducks have webbed feet.
  • Feed and pat the piglet. Feel the coarse hair of the pig in comparison to the other animals. Learn why pigs roll in the mud.
  • A brief sheep shearing demonstration where the children smell freshly shorn wool, and feel the lanolin on their hands. Students discuss the different products animals give us.
  • We finish with a bang! Our farmer does a stock whip cracking demonstration to show the children how we muster sheep and cows with the sound of a stock whip.

Stage 2 and 3 students enjoy our Making Friends and Animal Art sessions. You're never too old to enjoy the animals visiting! Making Friends has an anti-bullying message, and demonstrates the power of positive reinforcement in changing behaviour. Students work in groups to train a lamb. Animal Art is an opportunity to practise drawing by observing real animals. look closely and see what a goat's ears, lamb's nose and pigs toes look like! A series of progressive exercises leads to imagination drawings also. Lear

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