Just Like Me? Classroom Workshops

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The National Australian Curriculum states that schools have the responsibility to equip young Australians with skills, knowledge and understanding that will enable them to engage effectively with and prosper in a globalised world. How do we make this a reality in our classroom? “Just Like Me?” is a unique, relevant FREE incursion programme developed to enable primary school students to learn about global issues such as poverty, sustainable resource use and environmental management. The activities and experiences that students encounter will increase their awareness of the issues surrounding poverty and how they affect millions of children globally, who are in many other ways just like them. We offer a variety of engaging and thought provoking activities to cater for a range of learning styles, and cover a suite of topics to develop students’ : • intercultural understanding and an appreciation of the differences and similarities between cultures • awareness of the complexity of issues surrounding global poverty • understanding of human rights, focusing on the fact that although all people are equal, not all have the same opportunities. • values that are connected to local and global contexts The workshops will be tailored for individual schools and classes.  A 90 minute workshop will include a general introduction to poverty using illustrated children's stories and a short DVD about a day in the life of a child in one of several locations.  Discussions of similarities and differences help students understand how poverty can change a life. With upper primary students the workshops have the scope to include quite specific topics such  Millennium Development Goals; and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, with particular reference to children living in poverty. The second half of the workshop includes more hands on activities designed to give our students a taste of the daily life of a child in poverty. In short: these incursions are :

  • suitable for Primary school to lower secondary (Prep - Year 8)
  •  Linked to new Australian Geography Curriculum and Civics and Citizenship Curriculum.
  • Reference to general capabilities of critical and creative thinking, ethical understanding and intercultural understanding .
  • No minimum size
  • Length of time and type of activities vary according to age and number of students, and determined after discussion with teacher
  •  No cost to school (co -funded by International Needs Australia and AusAID)
  • Metropolitan Melbourne and surrounds - we bring everything to you!

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