Future Spark Bike Energy Trailer

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Our bike energy trailer provides a unique and motivating program for students to learn about energy. Students get to experience creating energy by cycling on stationary bikes! (There are 12 bikes on the trailer, each connected to a generator positioned behind each bike, so a whole class or even two, can participate over a 50 minute session). The energy created by riding the bikes directly inputs into the mains electricity grid via a certified inverter and a regular 10 amp power point! Two screens show graphs, which depicts how much energy each person is creating in the moment as they cycle. Also the trailer can be utilised over recess and lunch times. We also have had schools run watt-a-thons to raise money for a school project. Ask us how! FUTURE SPARK BIKES LINK WITH VELS You can book our Future Spark Bikes to come to your school for a full day to educate students about energy via links with all 3 VELS strands:

  • Health and Physical Education, Personal Learning, Interpersonal Development
  • Science, English and Maths
  • Communication,ICT and Thinking.

ENERGY GENERATED BY RIDING OUR BIKES! YES! You can generate electricity just by pedalling (Power = Force X Speed!). Students can compete and work together with their classmates to find out how much power they can produce over a given time. (ie: a 15 second sprint or 15 minute power challenge!). Discover how many students can power a light globe (incadescent vs fluro), a kettle, lap top, or even a microwave to cook popcorn! OUR PROGRAM AND COSTS! The Future Spark Bike program is flexible to meet the timetable/program needs of your school. Our price is a flat rate, so you can have as many students participate as possible over the day. The price includes free time at recess and lunchtimes. Special School Rate is $990+gst for the full day. (therefore approx $ value per student ranges between $3.50 - $7.00 depending on numbers). Also ask about our fundraising option. HOW YOU MAY HAVE HEARD ABOUT US! Future Spark Bikes have featured on the TV shows Totally Wild, Neighbours and has also been reported on all evening news stations for Earth hour 2009. Future Spark is a registered partner with Resource Smart AuSSI Vic Program (Sustainability Victoria). This ensures that Future Spark can be part of a comprehensive approach for sustainability education across Victoria. Each person’s behaviour makes a difference and if we work collectively together we can help our planet become sustainable for future generations. A bit of history......Future Sparks first big appearance was in Federation Square for the week of earth hour in March 09. We had teams of riders (school groups, community groups and some corporate groups) come into Fed Square in the week before earth hour and over the week we generated 60 KWatt hrs of power (the trailer was in use for about 12 hours each day!) and used 45 KWatt hrs for the concert so had some left over!! We also had 3 days of filming with "Neighbours" TV Show in July. In mid-October the episodes were aired, where the students at "Erinsborough High" generated electricity for a carbon neutral Deb Ball! So we feel it is getting out into the popular culture too!! My husband, Geoff and his small engineering company ideas* were responsible for designing and building this quite large bike energy trailer!  Our main bookings in the second half of this year have been at schools and festivals. Our web site is www.futurespark.com.au If you can get access to you tube, google for "future spark bike power" to see 3 different videos of earth hr in Fed Square this year. The trailer has changed a bit since then as we have added another graphics screen, taken off some bikes and added table, appliances and teaching space! To see the latest of the changes we have made to the trailer click on the links below: popcorn: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78K0rSREnl8 5 minute challenge: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQMapSZWC6k Please mention SchoolExcursions.com.au when making  your booking.

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