Fitman Kid Fitness

35 Carrick Drive, Tullamarine Vic 3043

Fitman offers your school a fun, educational and motivational program designed to inspire children (along with their parents and siblings) to get outside, get active and participate in life. Alarming Statistics: Childhood obesity in Australia is increasing at an alarming rate and has greatly increased in the last few years. In 2007 - 2008, 1/4 of all children aged between 5 - 17 were overweight or obese.... Between 1985 and 1987 the obesity level in the population doubled, and being overweight increased 60 - 70%. Once children become obese they are more likely to stay obese into adulthood and have increased risk of diabetes and cardio vascular disease. Fitmans mission is to empower children to be active, healthier and fitter. The Fitman show will be made up of a 40 minute exercise class and then Fitman will talk to the children about his 3 key messages of Activate everyday Eat NRG foods and Be Happy In this talk he will cover nutrition, health, fitness and much more. Fitman will then ask the children to participate in his Fitman challenge. The cost of the incursion will cover: * The Show * A permission letter to send home to parents * Age appropriate work sheets * The Fitman Challenge * Videos for the children to watch which will ensure motivation and inspiration while they are doing the challenge * Posters to hang around the school to create a buzz for the children about Fitman arrival We look forward to talking further with you about our program and helping empower the children in your school to become super heroes of health and fitness. Please email us at for more information or visit us at Please mention when you make your booking.

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