The Road Map Out! 


What a crazy couple of years!  Life as we know has been, different, challenging, strange, scary and has packed a punch to us all. 

How are you faring?  We have all been impacted heavily by this virus and the main thing we are all focussed on now is the way out.

We are looking forward, forward to being back at school/work/life and we are excited about the road map out!


Mental Wellness

A huge part of our mental wellness comes from being able to travel and meet with friends, family and people we haven’t even met yet!  Our mental wellness is so important and finding ways to stay happy and healthy in these trying times has been a challenge. 

There are some wonderful online resources and fun things to do on a variety of platforms.  We know it doesn’t replace visiting but we have all been very grateful for technology over the last 18 months.  

Make sure you get outside and soak up that much needed vitamin D.  We hope you have re visited some of your own childhood experiences like elastics, skipping and knuckles!  What a great opportunity we have had to play all of those fabulous playground games. 

The main thing to remember of course it keep talking!  Our kids are sponges and take in every little feeling, word, look and movement.  Keep it positive and keep it upbeat.  We will out and about again soon and they really need to understand this will happen and the situation is not forever.  


Looking Forward 

We are nearly there.  The main thing to remember is this can’t go on forever.  We know that there has to be a time where we can go back to the park, the library, the mall and of course school!  The roadmap is in place and we are all working hard to make it happen.  


 At Home Ideas!


 Scavenger Hunt

Make a list, be creative, use clues, inside and outside and have a time limit!

Plant Seedlings

While we are home it is a great time to watch things grow, journal it, take photos, make a web page.

Film a Cooking Show

Why not film the baking you do?  Teaching is the best way to learn, if you get the kids to ‘host’ a cooking show they can use their words and flair to bring their cooking to life


Everybody loves to sing and the hairbrush makes a great microphone

Have a water balloon fight

The weather is warming up and being out in the sunshine and bombing each other is a great release!

Make a Board Game

Sick of all the games in the cupboard?  Make your own!



The main thing to remember is there is light at the end of the tunnel and the road map out is being developed.  Hang in there and stay well and connected. 


We will get there! 
Nina & The School Excursions team
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