Travelling with Kids


Going on holidays with kids can be exciting and or stressful. The thought of spending some quality time away with your kids, away from the routine of everyday life, enjoying special activities and treats is so exciting and a great way to make memories.
During the weeks leading up to the holiday I am sure that the stress has also sunk in for you.
What if I don’t take enough nappies, how do I keep the children occupied on the transport, how much liquid can I take on a plane and what if they get sick? These are just some of the thoughts that may be going through your head.
Sometimes you can get yourself so worked up at the thought of all the things that might happen you may even be regretting booking the holiday altogether!
Below is a quick guide to some of the best tips we have received when it comes to travelling with children.
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Airplanes, Carry On and Luggage

The thought of travelling on an airplane with little kids can be very overwhelming and may have you planning on driving for 12+ hours to avoid the 2 hour flight. This does not need to be the case, you can travel with children and do it without pulling your hair out (or at least get it down to only a few strands)
Whilst on the plane, make sure you have activities to keep the children occupied. If they are anything like mine ¬they wont like being contained to a seat for long periods of time.
If you allow the use of electronic tablets, fill one up with movies and or educational games that they can play. Colouring in books and pencils are always a hit and can have them distracted for hours on end. Depending on their age, card games and books can also be taken along.

Travelling with Kids

There are many rules and regulations in regards to what you can and can’t take on board the plane with you. Did you know if you have a baby you are able to take an unlimited amount of liquid for them? ¬ Whether it be expressed breast milk, regular milk or formula. You are also allowed to take pureed foods on the plane for bub too. The liquid for feeding your child does not count towards your allocated amounts, allowing you to pack enough to keep baby settled and hydrated.
When it comes to your checked luggage most flights and tickets have weight restrictions on what you can take. Not many know that you can take a car seat, portacot and pram and these do not count towards your checked weight limit. These items are necessities that can be taken on most flights at no extra charge.


Long Car Trips

You may decide that catching a plane isn’t for you, or that you would like to take the scenic route by driving.
This may seem impossible for some, however if you are well prepared the car trip it can be quite pleasant.
Make sure you pack plenty of games and activities to keep the children amused. Using electronic tablets or portable DVD players can keep the children amused for hours on end. Make sure that you either have a lock on the volume or get them a set of head phones to avoid distracting the driver with too much noise. Playing games such as “I Spy” and “Spotto” are also great to get everyone in the car involved in.

Travelling with KidsWhen deciding on the best time of the day to start the car trip, try if possible, to aim to have the first leg of the drive (around the 2 hour mark) starting around naptime. This will help to settle the children once they begin getting a bit restless.
Stopping for regular toilet and stretch breaks will not only help to regroup the children, but will also relax mum and dad and assist whoever is driving to become more alert and ready to start the next leg feeling refreshed.
Remember, all of the different modes of travel, there will be people around to help. Make sure you ask for assistance if needed and do not put too much pressure on yourself. You need to enjoy the holiday as well.

Stay tuned for part two, which goes into detail on booking travel and accommodation on a budget.

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