Fun for the School Holidays

Some states around Australia are already on School Holidays and the rest of the country is not that far behind! Are you excited?

If you are a teacher I am sure you are ready to embrace a few weeks off. Parents are you ready?

School holidays can be so much fun, the opportunity to spend some extra time with your children, go on outings OR give the children the extra “encouragement” they need with cleaning their rooms…

Even if you have made plans for things to do over the holidays, there will more than likely be some time throughout the two weeks you will hear the words “I’m bored”

Check out our list of ideas and activities to keep the kids occupied these school holidays.


Day Out

Plan a day out somewhere new. Whether it is the beach, the zoo or an attraction park. Making use of public transport will not only reduce the stress of traffic but it will also provide the children with a different experience. If you’ve taken off interstate then Sydney (on certain days) offers you a ticket that covers multiple public transport modes so you can catch a bus, train and ferry without the prices being blown out. Translink in Queensland also have multi-mode tickets.

Packing your own picnic lunches will also help to keep costs down and provide a homely feel to the experience.

Make sure you take plenty of water if going out for the whole day and munchies to keep the kids occupied on the train.

Craft Days

Kids of all ages love to do craft and there are so many options in what you can do. Kmart, The Reject Shop and the alike have an abundance of craft items all at very reasonable prices. You can purchase an assortment of different items such as paints, pencils, coloured card, stickers, and much more for around $50 This will set yourself up with enough supplies to keep them occupied for hours! Adding in items such as toilet rolls and empty tissue boxes will also keep the costs down and the activities up. Set up a table outside, equip the kiddies with their supplies and let their imaginations go wild.

Picking up some cheap photo boxes or frames for them to decorate will also give you items to hand out as presents to family and friends.


Cupcake Station

Kids of all ages love baking – seriously who wouldn’t, its cake!

Set up a cupcake decorating station for them to be creative and decorate their own cupcakes.

Make a fresh batch of cupcakes in your favourite flavour, make a few different coloured icings and buy edible decorations. 100s & 1000s, jelly beans, choc chips and anything else that the kids love. This will keep them occupied as well as their bellies full at afternoon tea.


Bedroom Spring Clean

This may not sound like a fun task for the children but it probably needs to be done, and depending on their age and room status could keep them busy for a while!

Have them sort through their clothes, toys and books and put items they no longer need or want into a box for goodwill. Take them with you when you drop the box off and explain the good deed that they are doing. Praise them and tell them how proud you are of them. These are just a few ideas for you to help keep the kids busy and enjoying themselves over the school holidays.

If you are a teacher, make sure you take some time to yourself. You will probably have some marking to do or classes to prep but this is YOUR time too.

Enjoy the holidays everyone, hope you all come back ready and refreshed for the new term.

Happy School Holidays
Nina & The School Excursions team
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